Gunbower Wetlands (K Stockwell)

This page provides some notes on announcements and developments which may impact on the natural environment of northern Victoria and the southern Riverina.

Many environmental problems face us today. Some species are facing extinction. The build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere appears to be affecting climate and weather, with more extreme events like wildfires, hurricanes, wind storms, prolonged droughts, reduced rainfall, floods and temperature extremes. Bushland is still being lost to development. Weeds are proliferating. Pest species are of increasing concern.

This site aims to help us better understand the environment of northern Victoria and southern NSW. Armed with better knowledge, we are better able to assess the problems and make better decisions. A lot of good work is being done to redress some of the environmental damage. One aim is to highlight some of the great work being done by individuals, groups and governments.

There are sections on birding, indigenous plants, bushwalking, parks and reserves and more. This page mentions recent developments. It is linked to a blog page which addresses various issues.


Issues discussed on these pages:

Should the Barmah-Millewa forest be a national park?

Should we protect locusts?

Global warming: should we turn to nuclear energy?

Does Australia need more people?

Does wattle cause hay fever?

Attacking whistle-blowers

War on weeds













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Moama WetlandsMoama Wetlands by Keith Stockwell

Conservation News

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This page is no longer maintained.

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."
~John Muir


This page contained news items relating to northern Victoria and the southern Riverina. Emphasis was given to Echuca-Moama, Cohuna, Mathoura, Deniliquin, Bendigo, Barmah-Millewa Forest, Gunbower-Perricoota Forest and surrounding areas. This page is one of several in Section One of the Northern Victoria and Southern Riverina Conservation and Environment Site. There are several other sections to this site, covering bushwalking, birding, indigenous plants, landscapes and indigenous animals.

Several agencies post conservation news on their sites. The following external conservation news sites may be of interest:

linkNorth Central Catchment Management Authority media releases page

linkGoulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority news

linkMurray Catchment Management Authority news

linkNorth Central Landcare Network news

linkGoulburn Broken Landcare news

linkRiver Red Gum news (NSW only)

linkParks Victoria News

linkKoondrook-Perricoota Forest Enhancement Project

linkVictorian National Parks Association home page

linkEnvironment and Heritage NSW home page

linkABC environment news


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indentindentShould cattle grazing be allowed in Red Gum wetlands?
spacespaceLogging Red Gum Forests
indentindentShould we protect locusts?
indentindentGlobal warming: should we go nuclear?
indentspaceDoes Australia need more people?
spacespaceAustralia's Water Crisis
spacespaceDoes wattle cause hay fever?
spacespaceWhistle Blowers
spaceReviews of conservation and bird books
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